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 Driton PLD

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PostSubject: Driton PLD   Driton PLD Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 3:27 am

-Nick: Driton
-Main jobs: PLD
-Support jobs : WAR/MNK/WHM/THF
-Past linkshells: Templar Knights/True Legends

- Dynamis Progress: Sandy win (Reploids-Dynamis Shell)
- ZM Progress: ZM16
- CoP Progress: Needing Promyvion Dem
- Assault Rank : PSC
- Nyzul floor : 0
- WoTG acces areas: Yes

- merits: 21 and still working on it
- sky and hnm experience: Tanked all Gods no HNM experience
- will you join our limbus run?: Once I have access
- any significant craft: Fishing lvl 40

- timezone and avarage playtime: EST 10am - 2am
- who can vouch for u in TDG?: Yagun
- why our linkshell and not another one: Yagun referred me to you.
- goals whit our linkshell: To make my pld that best it can be.
- Personal message : I'm serious and focused player wanting to better my jobs.
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Driton PLD
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