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 TDG Rules: please read before apply

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TDG Rules: please read before apply Empty
PostSubject: TDG Rules: please read before apply   TDG Rules: please read before apply Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2008 4:23 pm

Welcome on The Dark Guys forum

TDG is a sky/sea/hnm ls. If you are going to apply here, you must understand that farms and hnms are a must in this LS.
The participate of our event is the most important thing of our ls, so you can't come only for the god/hnm you are interested, if you join TDG you will participate every event/farm/hnm(if you are online of course, we are not asking people to log in for them if they have real life obligations).
I remember all real life > Final Fantasy
By the way, you can't have another HNM\SKY ls, if you join this LS, this is your HNM\SKY\SEA linkshell.
We search/want dedicated and motivate people only, we need that for the ls become better and do more thing.
Of course, if you dont want do sky or camp hnm because "oh its a waste of time blablabla", dont do apply, because if we see that we simply kick.
If we see that you leech event (exemple: you come only at god run and no sky farm) we will see it and kick you.

At this moment we accept apply for :
RDM (having /drk is a must)
DRK (Only if have zerg gear)
THF with TH4 only

The ppl without these jobs can still try to apply if they have Sea access.

You MUST have sky acces.

We camping sometime NM for item for ls like KA or Simurgh, all kings(Fafnir KB and Behemoth) and Dragons too. About hnm's drops we'll give money to lsbank for cursed item.
Of course, if you dont come sky farm on wednesday, you'll dont lot item sunday, we dont need leecher.

Event of the week:(all times are in gmt+1/+2 during summer)

-Monday Znms at 17~17h30
-Wednesday skyfarm at 20h30
-Thursday limbus(for who want come) at 18~19
-Friday Sea farm(pop items n ix aerns) at 17~
-Saturday Sea god at 16~
-Sunday sky god at 14h30 limbus at 19h~

Some basics rules :

- Having a social ls is good, but hiding in the social when there is event mean you will get a warning.
- As we said, having a social ls is good, but switch to TDG sometime for see the lsmes for see event of the day and by this way, dont get a warning. That take like 5sec to switch ls and read lsmes, that not hard so do it please ^^.
- If there is a lsevent and you are on, you must come. We do event for all, so all must come, not only when you need item. Work with us and you'll get what you want.
- If you dont come, you will get a warning, if you have to much warning => kick.
- If you have lot of job (example: rdm75,blm75,rng75, brd75) and we need you as blm, you must come as the job we need ^^.
- When we camp king, all must come (same as lsevent).
- We dont ask you to be here 24/24h lol, just come if there is a lsevent Smile (if you are online lol).

13/10 Update

After being accepted with TDG you will be issued a pearl and placed as a trial member. During your 3 week trial period you will be judged on serveral things including participation with events and attendance. Extra points will be awarded for mpk's of 'Claudus'.
Nenheh, Hakkai, Denios, Geeserlight, Ryaline and Marco.

(This rules are subjected to change)
If you have any question, /tell us ingame Smile

TDG Rules: please read before apply Nensig484
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TDG Rules: please read before apply
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