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 HNM's rules.

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HNM's rules. Empty
PostSubject: HNM's rules.   HNM's rules. Icon_minitimeTue Mar 25, 2008 6:47 pm

For HNM's we follow nearly the same rules as sky:

1) Mandatory camps are: Behe/KB day3+ only, Ada/Aspid day3+ only, Fafnir all the days~

2) Is if Cerberus/Khimaira/Tiamat window, and the ls is there with a hold party, u need to be able to drop whatever u are doing if we claim them or they still sit unclaimed.

3)For HNM's like Cerberus/Khimaira/King vinegaroon/Tiamat will be given a priority on the drops for ppl that get tod or camp it more time than everyone else; by the way that doesnt mean that if u camp them all the times, you will lot before everyone else, you also need to join other ls events for get a priority on lot.

5)For most of the drops, sack holders will choose who can lot. For other items it's just like sky, so the ppl w/ more points that want it and that can wear it, will lot alone (. but its still leader decision too).
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HNM's rules.
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